How to Purchase


The Env-E Hydrogen Hybrid System is available today from select Authorized Dealers.

From the moment you step into an Authorized Simple Energy Solutions Dealership, you will be greeted in a friendly and warm manner from a trained professional. You will receive a free evaluation of your current vehicle to verify compatibility.

The installation process will usually take less than one day to complete. It is recommended to have a short follow-up appointment (at no additional cost) within 1 week after installation to ensure proper system adjustment.

All installations will be done professionally without damage to your vehicles on-board systems.

To locate an Authorized Dealer near you, call 1-631-725-6181


At Simple Energy Solutions, we understand that businesses, both large and small, are constantly looking for cost savings measures as well as wise investments to impact the company's profitability and longevity.

Whether your company is interested in drastically reducing fuel costs or playing a role in the reduction of vehicle emissions on the environment, we can be of service to you.

Please contact our fleet sales manager for a custom tailored solution for your fleet and current personnel. Corporate volume discounts, installation training, and support are available

Please call 1-631-725-6181 for more information.


With the ever-increasing threat of global warming, the public eye is looking toward municipal, state, and federal government entities to set the example in pioneering ways to reduce the effects of harmful emissions on the environment.

Simple Energy Solutions is eager to work with such entities to help 'lead the charge' on harmful emission reduction.

We welcome government inquiries on our Env-E Hydrogen Hybrid System for fleets and for bulk sales of FUL Formula C to add to municipal fueling stations and beyond.

We would be happy to design a custom solution to help achieve the goals set forth in your current or future environmental initiatives.

Please call 1-631-725-6181 for more information.



FUL Formula-C is now available at select
retailers as well as through Simple Energy.

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