About Simple Energy Solutions

At Simple Energy Solutions, we are dedicated to bringing the latest alternative energy products to the market place to help out customers save money and help reduce the harmful effects of auto emissions on the environment.

Based in Long Island, New York, our journey began in early 2005, when gas prices began to approach $3.00 per gallon. With the average regional commuter driving about 60 miles per day, the opportunity became clear.

We developed a simple mission - find a way to decrease the cost of fueling vehicles.

Many months of research and development followed. With several product lines nearing completion, we officially founded Simple Energy Solutions, Inc. and shortly after launched our Env-E Para-Hydrogen Hybrid System for sale to the general public. In July of 2007, our revolutionary fuel additive, FUL Formula-C, was released
for sale to the general public.

With strong demand for the Env-E Para-Hydrogen Hybrid System and and FUL Formula-C and hundreds of requests from our customers, we are continuing to develop and release innovative and money saving products for vehicles and beyond.



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